Time with Teachers

The HEP Teachers are missing their students so much but they have come up with a way to stay in contact with them. For the next few weeks they will be posting short videos of some of the lessons they would have been doing with their students in the hospital. They all look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Prek-K Time with Ms. Lisa & Ms. Camille

Week 1

This video is longer than the remaining segments. Calendar, story, and craft time are all included in this first video as one for the weeks of May 1st – 10th. Please feel free to pause or adjust when needed for your students to take a break. We have adjusted the remaining teaching segments to shorter sessions for the students. Please join us to learn all about caterpillars, butterflies, the letter C, the color green, and the shape of a circle!! 

Week 2

Sing the “Hello” song and have fun with calendar time.

Learn about the letter B, the color yellow, and a triangle.

Listen to a story about the life cycle of a butterfly and create a fun noodle craft. 

Great resources for parents including access to our HEP online library!!

Week 3

Join Ms. Lisa and Miss Camille for Calendar time for the last two weeks of May!!  

Featuring the letter L, the color red, and the rectangle shape!

THE CATEPILLARS HAVE ARRIVED! Hear the story, I love Bugs and learn all about a variety of insects! 

Join Ms. Lisa and Miss Camille as they show you how to create a caterpillar and butterfly during Craft Time.

Week 4

Featuring the letter F, the color blue, and the square shape.

Have fun learning about Memorial Day and patriotic symbols.

Miss Lisa and Miss Camille show you how to make your own flag and a delicious patriotic dessert. 

Butterfly Release

Have fun with Miss Lisa and Miss Camille as they review all that you have learned about caterpillars and butterflies this month!! 

Join Miss Lisa and Miss Camille for a wonderful question and answer session and it is time to RELEASE the butterflies!  

Grades 1-4

Science and Social Studies with Mr. Brad

Learn about the States of Matter (solids, liquids, gases) with some fun experiments.

Join Mr. Brad as he explains the Water Cycle in a fun and engaging way. Vocabulary words evaporation & condensation.

What do pancakes and chocolate have to do with our government? Join Mr. Brad and find out.

Mr. Brad shares a fun study game with you.

Join Mr. Brad as he demonstrates creating a vacuum with a fun experiement.

What does PH have to do with bouncing eggs? Join Mr. Brad as he explains with another interesting experiment.

Math with Mr. Brad

Join Mr. Brad as he shares a tasty way to learn about fractions.

Adding fractions is easy and tasty when you do it Mr. Brad’s way.

Character Counts with Mr. Brad

Join Mr. Brad as he shares the story What If by Colleen Doyle Bryant.

Library Time with Mrs. Meyer

Let’s learn about the title, author and illustrator of a book and listen to the story Give Me Back My Book! by Travis Foster and Ethan Long.

Learn about Onomatopoeia words. Sing a fun song. Listen to a story and print the Onomatopoeia word web to write your own Onomatopoeia words.