Inpatient School Services

Lisa Black, Camille Allers, Brad Presley, Allyson Athay-Barnes, Mae Remer

The purpose of school in the hospital is to provide a familiar experience and a sense of normalcy that enables each student, to the full extent of his/her abilities, to develop the skills that are necessary for success and preparation for life.

The Hospital Education Program (HEP)

  • is a public school within the walls of the hospital
  • provides free public school services to students in grades PK – 12
  • is a State Operated Program funded by the Virginia Department of Education

School Services

  • begin with the first day of admission regardless of the length of stay
  • include special education and accommodations
  • include library services and art education
  • provided in the classroom or at bedside


  • hold current teaching licenses and develop individualized or small group lessons
  • communicate with a student’s school to tailor instruction on what is currently being taught
  • assess student strengths and weaknesses
  • provide student’s school with a summary of attendance credit and academic performance or grades