Chords 4 Kids

In the HEP art program, space is a customary consideration. Students in the outpatient clinics and inpatient rooms, are accustomed to creating two and three-dimensional art in a “pop up” studio space.  A 16 x 12 foot mural, however, seemed particularly challenging.

Rich Palermo planted the seed and within a couple of weeks, students in the Hospital Education Program gave life to a tree teeming with wildlife.  Rich Palermo is the coordinator of Chords 4 kids, a benefit concert that raises funds for patients at UVA Children’s Hospital. He wanted the students in the Hospital Education art program to create a mural to hang behind the bands performing at the fund raising event on Saturday, October 4.  

The students rose to the challenge. They created flowers, birds, owls, and butterflies on paper, using oil pastels and paint. These were cut out and integrated into the larger mural. The mural was spread out on the outpatient waiting room floor and students congregated on the canvas, cheering each other on and negotiating space, as they added their creative touch.  The students were so excited to be part of the fundraiser, and they were proud of their individual and collaborative contributions.